Welcome here. This project is a grassroots, indigenous-led initiative which hopes to empower individuals and communities to harness the traditional method of food dehydration and pair it with nation-to-nation trade as a way of promoting food sovereignty in Treaty 1 territory and beyond.


Food dehydration is a low-energy preservation method which extends food shelf life, eliminates the need for refrigeration and reduces freight costs- all of which make dehydrated foods excellent things to ship in the mail. 

Many northern communities face market-based food insecurity due to high prices and spoilage while southern and urban communities often do not have access to traditional meats and other wild foods. By sharing practical food dehydration skills, and building an database of indigenous organizations and communities working with food, we hope to facilitate a system of trade which will connect communities and strengthen indigenous food sovereignty.

Imagine: You have extra moose meat, we have extra berries. Let's dehydrate and trade!


Who are we?

Dehydration Nations is a grassroots education project led by traditional foods teacher Audrey Logan and supported by business consultant Laura Tyler and writer Anna Sigrithur.

Our community partner is Canadian Feed the Children.

We are based in Winnipeg, Treaty 1 Territory.


Low energy preservation method

Reduces weight and volume for shipping

Extends shelf life of food

Adds easy nutritional value to less nutritious dishes

Easy to use/ cook with


Can reduce cost of food/ food expenses

Can reduce food waste

Traditional method of food preservation

Builds relationship to traditional foods

Opportunity to use dehydration as a way to practice cultural knowledge (esp. Around growing, harvesting, cooking)

Opportunity to include a water ceremony in rehydration

Opportunity to use dehydration as the means to facilitate Nation-to-Nation food trade and sharing.

Practical Reasons
Cultural Reasons

join us!

Our goal is to build a grassroots network of communities and individuals and share skills around dehydration and food processing, and soon build an online platform to facilitate trade routes between nations.

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